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Nearly 6 days ago

Breaking: Helicopter pilot rushes to help after plane crashes near Bembridge

A LIGHT aircraft has crashed in the marshes near Bembridge Airport this afternoon (Thursday). The downed Beagle Pup was spotted by another pilot as

Nearly 1 month ago

Boeing says it won’t deliver any planes to Iran

Company complies with renewed US sanctions on Tehran, saying it no longer has a license to sell to Islamic Republic Boeing issued an announcement

Nearly 2 months ago

Boeing 747s are back from the dead

A funny thing happened to an older generation of Boeing Co 747 jumbo jets on their way to dusty oblivion in desert parking lots.

Nearly 3 months ago

These Are The Major Design Differences Between Airbus And Boeing Aircrafts

To start with, Airbus is a popular French aircraft manufacturer that is also a subsidiary of EADS, a European aerospace company. The Boeing Company,

Nearly 4 months ago

Virgin cancels Airbus A380 order, conceding the super-jumbo has no place in its fleet

Berlin/London — Virgin Atlantic Airways canceled its order for six Airbus SE A380 super-jumbos, finally acknowledging that the world’s largest passenger aircraft has no

Nearly 5 months ago

Boeing Executive Rules Out Reviving 767 Passenger Jet

Boeing Co on Monday ruled out reviving its dormant 767 passenger plane as it continues to ponder options for a potential new niche in

Nearly 5 months ago

11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Airplanes

Planes have changed a lot since the days of the Wright Brothers (or, perhaps more accurately, Brazilian inventor Alberto Santos). Those first wood-and-cloth contraptions are an entirely

Nearly 5 months ago

Wing-suit Pilot Pierces Helium Balloon As He FALL From the Sky

Incredible moment a wingsuit pilot flies through a helium balloon as he falls from the sky in never seen before stunt This dare-devil took

Nearly 5 months ago

Is it possible for two fighter jets from different countries to fly next to each other and their pilots wave to each other?

It’s very common, actually. Unlike nations, the motives of warriors are a little less rigid and often times pilots/soldiers/airmen/marines are just doing their duty.

Nearly 6 months ago

Basic Plane Design – Explained Simply, With Pictures

Basic Aircraft Design .craft pack – Here is a basic .craft pack I’ve put together with some stupid-simple designs taking different approaches. And the