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Nearly 1 week ago

Even wonder Why do US Air Force pilots discredit Russian jets?

Let me shock you: because they are right. Yes, they have a valid reason or let`s rather say they have MANY good reasons. Now

Nearly 1 week ago

The holiday rental, Spend the night in a plane which is £80 per night: One of the pilot’s seats with a toilet

Holidaymakers can now spend the night on a plane without ever leaving the ground. That’s because a former aircraft has been converted into an

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Spreading our wings: Boeing shows off new transonic wing concept

Boeing revealed the newest Transonic Truss-Braced Wing (TTBW), which researchers say will fly higher and faster than the previous TTBW concepts. The new configuration

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Why has no US airline bought an A380?

United States is not a good market for the A380 The A380 was designed to fly between two major cities, for example, Sydney to

Nearly 1 month ago

Boeing Just Signed The Biggest Aircraft Deal Ever In Africa

Boeing (BA) reached agreements to sell up to 100 737 Max jets to Nigeria’s Green Africa Airways and up to 50 of the planes to Saudi budget

Nearly 1 month ago

8 Most Expensive Planes In The World: How Much Does It Cost To Fly Like The Elite?

What are the most expensive planes in the world in 2018? The B-2 Spirit is truly the lord of the skies even on budget

Nearly 1 month ago

Boeing buying 80% stake in Embraer for $4.2 billion

A 195 model from the Brazilian plane-maker Embraer is displayed by the Belarusian Belavia air company at the national airport in Minsk, Belarus, on

Nearly 1 month ago

Real Madrid players on Emirates Airline Airbus A380 from Madrid to Abu Dhabi

Dec 17, 2018: Emirates, a main sponsor of Spanish football club, Real Madrid, has unveiled a new decal featuring action images of some of

Nearly 1 month ago

Nobody’s sure about Delta Air Lines strange new colour-coded boarding system

A major airline’s bold plan to improve the boarding process has been met with confusion from passengers, with some vowing to take their money

Nearly 1 month ago

When do pilots retract the flaps of an airliner after takeoff?

We have set maximum flap speeds, so the simple answer is “before you hit the maximum”. I’ll use the Airbus A320 as an example.