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Nearly 3 days ago

Air NZ Boeing 777-300 Hit by Another Plane at Los Angeles Airport

An Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300 has been hit by another plane on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport. The plane was parked on

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Victoria Police Reveal Fancy New High-Powered Aircraft Being Added to Fleet

Victoria Police has revealed new details about their newest fleet of helicopters and planes which will help track down criminals from the air. Three

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Shocking moment pilot lands plane on the MOTORWAY

A PILOT made an emergency landing on a busy motorway, leaving drivers stunned. The pilot was forced into an emergency landing when their plane

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Incredible footage shows United Airlines 747 Passenger Jet and a Smaller American Eagle land side by side just meters apart at SFO Airport

Incredible footage shows two planes landing side by side in perfect symmetry at San Francisco Airport. The video shows a United Airlines 747 passenger

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Two Boeing 727s Full Of Federal Police Officers Arrived Southern Border To Intercept Migrant Caravan from Honduras

Mexico has dispatched two Boeing 727s full of federal police officers to its southern border, as the country prepares for the arrival of a migrant

Nearly 1 month ago

The Hydrogen Plane Kanye West Showed to Trump Is Stupid, The Plane Should Be Made By Apple:West

In our stupid, overdone, poorly-written summer-replacement-series that currently stands in for reality, you may recall that yesterday hip-hop musician Kanye West met with President Donald Trump,

Nearly 1 month ago

7 Major Planes Perfectly Designed (To Kill The People Flying Them)

We don’t know if you’ve ever tried it, but trust us when we say that building aircraft is really, really hard. It takes large

Nearly 1 month ago

BREAKING Military Antonov Aircraft Have Destroyed On The Ground at Khartoum Airport, Sudan

Two military Antonov An-30 and An-32 have been destroyed in a ground collision on the runway at Khartoum Intl Airport, Sudan.

Nearly 2 months ago

How Much Income Do You Need To Own A Private Jet? and Do I Need a License To Own a Jet?

In the USA, there is a bit of political theater going on as President has repeatedly called people earning as little as $250,000 a

Nearly 2 months ago

What means “flare” in aviation?

You pretty much have the right idea here. Over the runway numbers, or just before them, engines are brought back and the nose is