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Nearly 3 days ago

What Happens To Your Ears During A Flight?

by Didi Aaftink– Pressure and pain in your ears during a flight can be extremely annoying, even painful. And almost as unpleasant is having to

Nearly 4 days ago

The REAL battle of the budget airlines! Glamorous cabin crew from Europe’s low-cost carriers flaunt their sun-soaked layovers online (and they look a long way from economy class)

Ryanair is facing stiff competition from Norwegian Airlines’ – but fares are not the only grounds for rivalry between the budget airlines, as their

Nearly 5 days ago

Air China flight diverted after passenger threatens crew with fountain pen

Air China flight CA1350 from Changsha to Beijing diverted to Zhengzhou on Sunday after a passenger took a flight attendant hostage in the galley. An Air China flight

Nearly 1 week ago

Fly to Europe from just $309: Airline offers ridiculously cheap fares to the continent – and getaways to Asia are heavily discounted too

Budget airline Scoot is offering one-way tickets from Perth to Athens for just $309. The Singaporean airline is also offering flights to the Greek capital from

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Just Showing Your Boarding Pass Can Get You Discounts While Traveling. Here’s How

While you might not think twice about getting rid of your boarding pass after your next flight, keeping that piece of paper can be

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Outrage as Down syndrome teen and his family are thrown off an Alaska Airlines flight because he vomited

A woman says her family was kicked off a flight Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle because her brother with Down syndrome vomited. The teen boy

Nearly 2 weeks ago

The Biggest Mistake Most Frequent Flyers Make

via GIPHY Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve taken at least one flight in the last year. Or maybe you haven’t, maybe

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Dyer Woods Nudist campground advertising for new lifeguard

Why a vacant part-time summer position is getting little attention THE private camping ground has taken to social media to fill the role but

Nearly 1 month ago

2018 Guide to Error Fares: How to Find Airline Mistake Fares (Get Ridiculously Cheap Flights)

If you are looking for a great way to save on air travel, you should keep a look out for glitch fares that are

Nearly 1 month ago

Things I wish I’d Known Before Traveling to India

From the essentials to pack before travelling to local etiquette, we reveal everything you need to know if you’re planning a trip to India