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Nearly 22 hours ago

Muslim passenger brands Wizz Air stewardess ‘stupid f***ing b***h’ after ‘mistakenly believing turkey ham sandwich served to him was pork’

A FURIOUS passenger branded a flight attendant a “stupid f***ing b**ch” after apparently mistaking turkey for pork. The passenger, who told flight crew he

Nearly 1 week ago

Mid-air emergencies, a $40 million jet and the FBI: A ‘surreal’ career in the sky

By Sophie Kesteven for The History Listen On a high shelf in a Far North Queensland home, a box labelled ‘aviation memorabilia and uniforms’ has

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Ever Wonder Why did American Airlines stop painting their planes silver (any other reasons beside the reflection)?

by Greg Liebman, – Quentin, those airplanes weren’t painted silver—-that was buffed aluminum that gave AA planes their iconic appearance. There were a few exceptions

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Cracked windshield forces American Airlines emergency landing

A hail storm cracked the windshield of an American Airlines jetliner headed to Phoenix and forced it to divert to El Paso, Texas, Sunday

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2 and Flybe: The airlines with the most expensive ‘extras’ revealed

Flying with a budget airline can bring great value for money for holidaymakers but low cost prices can very quickly take off. Passengers can

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Flight Attendant Spends $15,000 on Veterinarians to Save Beloved Dog

A Singaporean flight attendant trying to seek treatment for her sick dog reportedly spent 20,000 Singapore dollars ($15,000) after consulting seven different veterinarians in

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Touch me again and you’ll regret it: Unruly passenger forces Delta flight diversion

A Delta Air Lines flight was diverted to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wednesday after a man became unruly during the flight, the airline confirmed to ABC News. Delta

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Woman claims crude Southwest passenger masturbated during entire flight: ‘I’m so disgusted’

Southwest Airlines confirmed it is “looking into” claims that a man was masturbating aboard a flight from Las Vegas to Philadelphia on Tuesday, but

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Naked Passenger Dances At Airport, Gets Arrested [Video]

A Mexican passenger stripped naked and danced the can-can before boarding a flight at the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. The video of the man showing

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Boy, 12, is accidentally served alcohol on Jetstar flight after attendant puts gin in his squash

AN Australian grandmother is seeking compensation after her 12-year-old grandson was mistakenly given alcohol on a Jetstar flight to Bali. The boy was flying from