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Nearly 6 hours ago

Man Caught Stealing On A Malaysian Airlines flight Wasn’t Arrested Because There’s No Evidence

A woman recently detailed her experience on a Malaysian Airlines flight from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, where she witnessed a man from China stealing

Nearly 3 days ago

Medical Emergency on a Cincinnati Flight is Raising Questions About The Pilot’s Response

A passenger on a United Express flight from Houston to Cincinnati has lambasted the crew for not cutting the flight short after another flyer

Nearly 1 week ago

Ever Wonder Why Airline Board People in The Front Rows Of The Plane First?

These are the results from the boarding methods that were tested: Method Description Time Satisfaction Back-to-front Business boarded first, then the zones were boarded

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Performed Sultry Demo Of The Emergency Procedures

This is the hilarious moment a pole dancing air steward gave passengers more than they had anticipated for with his sultry rendition of the

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Sky-High Charges: Airline Passenger Ignore Crew Request and Left Phone on in Overhead Compartment

Transatlantic passengers on Aer Lingus flights who ignore repeated requests to turn off their phones or switch them to flight mode risk being hit with sky-high

Nearly 2 weeks ago

“This is Nuts”: Airline Accused Of Putting Allergic Boy’s Llife at Risk

EXCLUSIVE: The family of Isaac Weston, 13, walked off the plane after a ten-minute row with cabin crew during which one passenger said: “This

Nearly 2 weeks ago

United Airlines CEO Surprises Passenger With Classy Move

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz looks to have his own way of selling customers on the Chicago-based airline by doing one good deed at a time.

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Nearly 2 weeks ago

Couple’s ‘Argument’ Causes American Airlines Flight to Turn Around, Land at O’Hare: Police

A “disruptive passenger” forced an American Airlines crew on a Toronto-bound flight from O’Hare International Airport to return to Chicago, a spokeswoman said. Flight

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Horrifying Footage: A Pilot Saved His Passenger After Their Paraglider Snapped in Mid-air Sending Them Plummetting to The Ground

 Purushottam Timsina, 22, incredibly managed to save a man from an almost certain death by courageously piloting their broken craft to the earth.

Nearly 2 weeks ago

French Montana Private Penthouse Cabin on Etihad Airways with a dedicated flight attendant

French Montana gave viewers a look at his private penthouse cabin on Etihad Airways in a video posted to Instagram. In the video, French