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Nearly 1 month ago

Historic Flight for Unmanned Medium Altitude Aircraft Takes Off in Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — An unmanned aircraft that took off near Grand Forks is on pace to complete a historic flight to the United Kingdom.

Nearly 3 months ago

Wrong radio frequency. Wrong runway. FAA releases findings of SFO close-call investigations.

by Matthias Gafni SAN FRANCISCO — Following more than a year of close-call runway mishaps at San Francisco International Airport, the FAA has determined most

Nearly 4 months ago

3 boozy girls pulled apart by easyJet cabin crew in a fight at 30,000ft

 Video has emerged of the three women — thought to be a trio of lap dancers — launching into a booze-fuelled scrap after

Nearly 5 months ago

WATCH: Emirates Airline cabin crew show footballing talents to Real Madrid stars at 40,000ft

Sometimes, you need unconventional skills to keep business and first class running smoothly. In a new, light-hearted promotional video, Emirates cabin crew reveal their

Nearly 7 months ago

8 Airplane Movie Myths Busted by a Airline Pilot(KLM)

Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Getting lost in political intrigue, holding your breath during a tense space battle, feeling watery-eyed watching two

Nearly 7 months ago

How often are the “Airplane Tires Replaced” on an Airbus A380?

An A380 super jumbo tires will only last about 300 landings which is about six months of operations. And they cost $92,000 each to

Nearly 8 months ago

Pilots and cabin crew reveal the things they look out for when they’re PASSENGERS

Flying is an ordeal for nervous fliers partly because planes are one big mystery to them and they don’t know whether the various sounds

Nearly 8 months ago

Real life Transformers? Plans to build hybrid helicopter-plane to change aviation FOREVER

AIR travel could be changed forever if plans to build a helicopter-plane hybrid get off the ground. GETTY INFLUENCE: The Ka-90 is similar in

Nearly 9 months ago

5 Reasons No Nation Wants to Go to War with the U.S. Air Force

5 weapons, that is.  Dave Majumdar  The Air Force’s tiny fleet of twenty Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bombers is the only long-range Dave