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Nearly 6 months ago

Hilarious (But Real) Exchanges Between Pilots, Flight Attendants, And Passengers

This Flight attendant who had a pretty good point.. There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only 4 ways

Nearly 6 months ago

What are the negative effects of being an airline pilot?

The downside to being an airline pilot is multifaceted and not all of us necessarily view it from the same perspective . So here

Nearly 7 months ago

15 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Airline Pilots

Often described as having the best “view from the office” in the world, airline pilots are tasked with shuttling hundreds of passengers to and

Nearly 7 months ago

Top 7 Athletes Who Are Airplane Pilots

These athletes are ready for takeoff! Make sure your setback and tray table are in their upright, locked position, because these professional athletes are

Nearly 7 months ago

Ruthless exploitation of cabin crew by Ryanair is exposed today by a DailyMail investigation

Ruthless exploitation of cabin crew by Ryanair is exposed today by a Daily Mail investigation. The budget airline’s stewards are being made to work

Nearly 7 months ago

What will happen if the pilot of a passenger airplane keeps ascending vertically?

Well, if you are thinking it going to go touch the moon and get back, you are right. I mean, you are right about

Nearly 7 months ago

Why We Call Airline Pilots “Pilots” Why Not Drivers ?

The term “drive” refers to driving horses, mules or oxen. Drive meaning to push forward the animal. In the days of horse drawn cariages,

Nearly 8 months ago

What is the best airline to work as a pilot?

Ah. Excellent question and one that’s on many pilots’ minds too. I always say this: You either fly at home, in your own country,

Nearly 2 years ago

Day In The Life: What It’s Like To Be A Female Pilot At 40,000 Feet

Michelle Knoll likes to think her “office” has the best view in the world. From her window, she sees the ruins of Rome, or

Nearly 3 years ago

6 Universal Qualities Cabin Crew Recruiters Are Looking For

By iHCC for iheartcabincrew – Each airline is different. Every airline wants to be unique so they may be looking for something a little different in their cabin crew