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Nearly 3 weeks ago

Failures, Family Opposition, Financial Hardship: She Beat All Odds to Become a Pilot!

From being unemployed for two years to working 15 hours and studying in trains, buses, washrooms and during meals, she did it all to

Nearly 1 month ago

Video: Retiring pilot breaks down in tears as he takes off on last ever flight

A retiring pilot has gone viral online after breaking down in tears during a farewell speech on his last ever flight. Captain Rizalino ‘Totoy’

Nearly 1 month ago

Airlines pilot suspended over threat to Oklahoma transgender student

A Frontier Airlines pilot has been suspended after being accused of threatening a transgender teen OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Frontier Airlines says it has suspended a

Nearly 2 months ago

A Special Heart-warming video! Airline Pilot “Daughter” Flew Her Air-Hostess “Mother” on The Day of Her Retirement

The last flight of Pooja Chinchankar as a cabin crew member of Air India was made extra special after her pilot daughter, Ashritta, flew

Nearly 8 months ago

Hilarious (But Real) Exchanges Between Pilots, Flight Attendants, And Passengers

This Flight attendant who had a pretty good point.. There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only 4 ways

Nearly 8 months ago

What are the negative effects of being an airline pilot?

The downside to being an airline pilot is multifaceted and not all of us necessarily view it from the same perspective . So here

Nearly 9 months ago

15 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Airline Pilots

Often described as having the best “view from the office” in the world, airline pilots are tasked with shuttling hundreds of passengers to and

Nearly 9 months ago

Top 7 Athletes Who Are Airplane Pilots

These athletes are ready for takeoff! Make sure your setback and tray table are in their upright, locked position, because these professional athletes are

Nearly 9 months ago

Ruthless exploitation of cabin crew by Ryanair is exposed today by a DailyMail investigation

Ruthless exploitation of cabin crew by Ryanair is exposed today by a Daily Mail investigation. The budget airline’s stewards are being made to work

Nearly 9 months ago

What will happen if the pilot of a passenger airplane keeps ascending vertically?

Well, if you are thinking it going to go touch the moon and get back, you are right. I mean, you are right about