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Nearly 4 days ago

If a flight is almost empty, will the airline cancel it to cut costs?

The problem is that running an airline is this giant chess game, in which you are counting on a particular plane to be at

Nearly 5 days ago

Airline Passenger is caught smuggling a live boa when security spot a suspicious bulge in his pants

A 43-year-old man was caught with a live snake down his pants as he made his way onto a plane on Christmas Eve. The passenger was

Nearly 6 days ago

A subsidiary of American Airlines – has released a survey focused on working conditions and employee pay

Envoy Air ground service agents are speaking out about working conditions at the American Airlines subsidiary. A total of 800 Envoy Air service agents

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Woman calls JetBlue staff member a ‘rapist’ and threatens that she has a gun

A woman scheduled to fly JetBlue on Sunday ended up being restrained by police at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after having an outburst at the gate.

Nearly 2 weeks ago

More than 61,000 Pilots from 35 U.S. and Canadian airlines pen powerful letter to Trump

The largest pilot union in the world is urging President Donald Trump to put an end to the government shutdown. The Air Line Pilots Association, which

Nearly 3 weeks ago

What do pilots and other aircraft professionals “get” about flying and air travel that the public doesn’t?

11 things pilots “get” about flying that most in the general public don’t… Turbulence is very, very unlikely to damage the aircraft or to hurt you if

Nearly 1 month ago

Gatwick Airport is SHUT DOWN as drone sightings force ALL flights in and out to be suspended

Flights at London’s Gatwick Airport, the UK’s second-busiest airport, have remained suspended as authorities investigate reports of two drones flying over its airfield, inconveniencing

Nearly 1 month ago

Flight attendants with United Airlines are not allowed to wear festive clothes

FLIGHT ATTENDANTS travelling with United Airlines have been warned not to wear any festive accessories or items in a leaked memo to members of

Nearly 1 month ago

How do GDS (Sabre, Amadeus, TravelPort) offer best prices than airlines and hotels?

By Marshall Knauf,  – There are 4 GDS systems in the market, and all major hotels and airlines have connections with them, either through their

Nearly 1 month ago

Boeing Delivers the 787th 787 Dreamliner to AerCap

Boeing has delivered the 787th 787 Dreamliner to come off the production line, marking a special milestone for the super-efficient airplane family and the