airbus a380

Ever Wonder What Airplane you’re Flying on, and what features it has?

  • Make of the plane: Majority of passenger planes are either Airbus or Boeing Manufactured and you can differentiate just by looking at the nose of the planes:
    1. Blunt and round – Airbus
    2. Sharp and nosy – Boeing
  • Visual observation: If boarding via stairs, look at places near cockpit on airplane to get information about the type of aircraft.
  • – Live flight tracker!: Just key in your Flight number printed on the boarding pass, and you get all the information with live tracking including the altitude at which you fly and at what airspeed.
  • Safety card placed near your seat will tell you exactly which plane you are flying with its safety and evacuation features.

When we book the ticket or when we get the boarding passes we have the flight number for example- E779 (Emirates Airways CPT to DXB)

On Airline website they have already given the type of Aircraft going to use for individual destination.

Technically, 77W is the code for a Boeing 777-300 so we know that the aircraft is Boeing 777.

For Boeing 777 features please carry on—

So basically airline has all the information ready for passengers on their ticket-Boarding passes. – Faiz Ali,

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