August 7, 2020

Identical twins in S’pore Airlines cabin crew finally share same flight together

Liz and Lynn Ng, 26, are identical twins.

And like most identical twins, they’ve basically been joined at the hip through life.

In fact, in a piece on SilverKris, they revealed that they had pretty much gone through life together.

“From sharing a desk in school to attending culinary college together, they have been pretty much inseparable since their conception”.

Image from Silverkris

In fact one of them went undetected during their mother’s pregnancy because “their heartbeats were so in sync”.

So perhaps it isn’t really surprising that both of them independently decided to apply for a job as cabin crew at Singapore Airlines (SIA).

Liz told SilverKris that neither of them had discussed their potential new career, but soon realised they “had both been considering applying”..

But here’s the counterintuitive part, while they had applied for the same role, at the same company, at roughly the same time, that actually meant they were apart for long stretches of time.

That was because the twins were placed in different batches during their three months of training.

A niggling worry for both of them was that one of them would make it but the other wouldn’t, which some might argue could be even worse than if neither of them made it.

They needn’t had worried though, as both of them eventually passed their course and became part of the cabin crew.

Image from SilverKris, photo by Chee Boon Pin

Despite both of them making it through training, SIA wasn’t just going to change their roster so that the twins could fly together all the time.

In fact, they went from being nearly inseparable to only seeing each other in person “two or three days” a month.

Which made the flight to Paris on December, 2018 quite the special trip.

The two shared their first flight together.

In fact at that point, they shared the same galley, cooking area, and were handing out “towels at the same time in both aisles”.

Which resulted in pictures with plenty of bemused passengers.

“A passenger spotted us and started telling everyone,” takes up her sister, Liz. “People thought it was great and were all keen to take our photo”.

You can read the full story here.