Delta trouble continued : boeing 777 turn around after crew realizes door may be open

Having had a miserably bad week with flight cancellations and apologies, Delta Airlines continued their stellar performance last night for a group of passengers en route to Paris. Twitter user Bo Han was on a flight Thursday night flight, traveling from New York City to Paris. The flight was forced to turn around after the crew realized the aircraft’s door might have been open.

A company spokesman described it as a “possible issue with the aircraft’s cargo door latching mechanism” on the Boeing 777. The plane turned around and dumped fuel to lighten the landing weight.

Once the plane landed, technicians realized that the door had been closed all along.

“Update: so the cargo door wasn’t actually open, just the door light was broken. 5 hours later, back to Paris!” Bo Han later tweeted.

According to Han, the flight had to dump fuel and then turn back towards their departing airport! Delta Airlines did not reply to Han’s Tweets, but did confirm to the NY Daily News that there were “possible issue with the aircraft’s cargo door latching mechanism” on the Boeing 777. When the plane landed, Delta technicians quickly realized that the door had been closed, and it was a malfunctioning door light. Of course, Han asked the question that all frequent flyers who love their miles are interested in:

Man charged with sexually touching sleeping Virgin America passenger

Aug 2 (Reuters) – A male Virgin America passenger has been criminally charged with sexually touching a sleeping female passenger on an overnight flight to Newark, New Jersey from Los Angeles last week, federal prosecutors said on Tuesday.

Veerabhadrarao Kunam, 58, of Visakhapatnam, India, was charged with one count of abusive sexual conduct aboard Flight 170 which departed on July 29, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman in New Jersey said.

Fishman said the defendant was arrested on July 30 when his flight arrived, and was released on $50,000 bond following a Monday court appearance in Newark federal court.

Alexander Spiro, a lawyer at Brafman & Associates representing Kunam, declined to comment.

According to the complaint, Kunam was seated in an aisle seat when the victim, who was sleeping next to him in a middle seat, awoke to find his hands massaging her vagina and buttocks areas, and the defendant rubbing his bare feet against hers.

The woman then traded seats with her male travel companion, and Kunam offered to buy him a drink and told him he wanted everyone to forget about the incident, prosecutors said.

A member of the flight crew then moved Kunam to another seat, and the defendant said he would not touch the victim again, the complaint said.

Virgin America spokesman Dave Arnold said in a statement that the crew had been alerted to “reports of a disruptive individual” accused of inappropriate touching, moved the person, and told law enforcement, who were waiting for Flight 170 when it arrived.

The charge against Kunam carries a maximum two-year prison term and $250,000 fine.

The case is U.S. v. Kunam, U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey, No. 16-mj-06587.

Passenger jet performs terrifying vertical takeoff – DON’T watch if you hate flying

If you’re about to jump onboard a jet plane you might hope these stunt pilots aren’t in charge of the flight deck.

They’ve just been putting Boeing’s latest 737 Max through its paces and the video is truly terrifying.

The tricks begin with the 200 seat plane being placed in a vertical climb.

This is followed by a number of twists and turns that would have most passengers reaching for the sicks bag.



FLYING HIGH: The new Boeing 737 Max is put through its paces

The video was captured in Moses Lake, Washington with top test pilots Mike Bryan, Greg McCann and Chris Dobb at the controls.

As well as being incredibly agile the 737 MAX incorporates the latest technology including advanced engines and new winglets which deliver the highest efficiency and reliability.

Passengers are also treated to a new interior which offers a superior level of comfort and entertainment.

The new airplane will also deliver 20% lower fuel use than the first 737s and the lowest operating costs in its class.




is capable of at the recent Farnborough Airshow.

Boeing’s Dreamliner is one of the most technically advanced airlines in the world.

This lightweight plane can fly higher and faster than other commercial aircraft meaning you’ll suffer far less turbulence and it has bigger windows to the enjoy the view at 45,000 feet.

It also offers passengers a superior level of comfort with mood lighting and advanced entertainment and passengers are also treated to far less jet lag.

Pilot records amazing time lapse clip of a plane landing at Glasgow Airport

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to land a passenger jet through the eyes of a pilot? Pretty daunting stuff, right?

Self-confessed ‘aviation geek’ and pilot Jens Wahlbäck has posted a breathtaking video on Instagram which may change your opinion of that.

The Go Pro clip shows a time-lapse recording inside the cockpit of Jens landing a plane from 35,000 feet as it descends onto the runway at Glasgow Airport, before eventually parking up at the gate.

As the jet soars through the clouds, taking twists and turns on the way down, you can’t help but be jealous of this guy’s job. The view of Glasgow from above is truly spectacular.

Since the video was posted last night, over 1000 users have viewed the amazing clip and over 400 people have liked it.

Watch the video above and see what it’s to fly through the Glasgow sky.

BA flight forced to diverted to Iceland after member of airline staff tried to kill himself at 38,000ft.

British Airways flight from LAX to Heathrow was forced to divert to Iceland after off-duty cabin crew worker ‘slit their wrists’

The cabin crew worker is understood to have slit his wrists in a cabin toilet on BA Flight 282 from Los Angeles to London.

There was horror on board the giant Airbus 380 when staff made the grisly discovery of their colleague.

Flight Diverted
The plane was forced to make an abrupt northward turn after the crew member was discovered in the toilet

It is not known what he used to cut himself. He was found slumped on the toilet seat after executive passengers noticed the cubicle had been locked for a long time.

Emergency medical help was given to the off-duty steward and the plane diverted to Iceland.

One British Airways worker told The Sun: “This was a terrible incident, everyone was upset.

“There was blood and tears. It was truly shocking.”

The plane was full of Hollywood executives headed for the Cannes Film Festival.

Stan Rosenfield, a publicist whose clients include George Clooney, told how one of the toilets was locked for ages.

He said: “Earlier, I remember going to the bathroom and it said occupied.

“I didn’t feel like going to another section. A little while later, the same thing happened, so I just went to another bathroom.

“Then there were a series of beeps — I’ve never heard anything like it. All the flight attendants converged in the galley where the bathroom was and drew the curtain.”A flight attendant told the passenger sitting next to Rosenfield – in Cannes to join Clooney for the premiere of his movie Money Monster – that a man had been found slumped in the toilet.

He was said to have locked the door before cutting his wrists.

The aircraft took off 20 minutes late from California at 3:50pm local time (11:50pm GMT) on Monday and was due to land at London Heathrow at 10am Tuesday.

The Airbus A388 eventually landed in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik at 7:44am.

The BA worker was immediately rushed to hospital.

The plane then departed Reykjavik just over two hours later and was en-route back to London where it landed at around 1:20pm.

Film and music executives from US giants Fox and Sony were on the flight.

Mr Rosenfield told the Hollywood Reporter: “It’s very upsetting in retrospect when you consider what was going down.

“Apparently, they knocked down the bathroom door when there was no response, or they had a key.”

Mr Rosenfield, along with other business-class customers, was interviewed on touchdown by police about anything they might have seen.

He said: “I asked the officer if he was okay. He said he had been discharged.”

British Airways declined to comment on the man’s condition and insisted on referring to him as a “customer”

An airline spokesman said: “Our Los Angeles to Heathrow service was diverted to Iceland so that a customer could receive medical assistance.

“The customer was taken to a hospital locally and the flight continued to Heathrow after a two-hour delay.”

The BA suicide worker is understood to have been discharged from hospital.

One scared woman had taken to social media after learning that the flight with her parents onboard had been diverted.

Twitter user @beccay216 tweeted: [email protected]_Airways any reason why flight BA282 LAX-Heathrow was diverted to Reykjavik? Worried for my parents. Will they be departing soon?”

But she was relieved when the airline responded posting: [email protected] Hi Rebecca. The flight was diverted due a passenger requiring medical assistance. The flight is due to arrive in to Heathrow at 13.23 today. I’m sorry for the delay to their flight.”

How safe is flying? Take the aviation safety quiz

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in aviation or at least riding a commercial aircraft safely from Point A to Point B. Airplane accidents tend to get hyped in the media, generating more anxiety about flying than the facts warrant. Is it safest to fly in the front or back of an airliner? Are some airlines safer than others? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of aviation safety.

1. Worldwide, the number of people who died from aviation accidents went up in 2012. True or False


2. In the US, what form of transportation is the safest statistically?


3. To improve survivability, an FAA regulation requires all aircraft built after 2009 to have ...


4. Where is the safest place to sit in a commercial aircraft?


5. The No. 1 job of a flight attendant is ...


6. Most aviation accidents are caused by ...


7. What’s the oldest a commercial airline pilot can be?


8. On Jan. 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 piloted by Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger took off from LaGuardia airport in N.J. but soon crash landed in the Hudson River. No one died. In fact, a ferry arrived to rescue all passengers and crew within four minutes of the crash. What caused the crash?


9. Which airline is on the world's Top 10 safest airlines list, according to the Air Transport Rating Agency in 2011 (based on 2010 data).


10. In the US, which of the following had the lowest accident rate (accident per hours flown) in 2012?


11. The problem of wake turbulence – a vortex of spinning air lingering behind a large aircraft – has been mitigated by ...


12. Flight attendants must stay alert to prevent an emergency door being opened mid-flight by an anxious passenger. True or false?


13. Which government agency investigates civilian aircraft accidents in the US?


14. When was the last fatal crash by a commercial airline in the US?


15. True or false? If you're travelling long distances, you should take multiple, short flights – that don't gain too much altitude – because they are statistically the safest.


16. What language (or languages) must all air traffic controllers speak with pilots of international commercial airlines?


17. Which of the following has NOT been a successful way of keeping birds away from airport runways?


18. When a plane crashes, most people die. True or false?


19. In late 2011, the FAA proposed new rest rules for commercial aviation pilots, including that pilots must have minimum rest periods of at least 10 hours between shifts – but exempted one group. Which group was exempted?


20. Over the past decade, how many fatal accidents have occurred on average each year on large US commercial airlines?


21. Plane crashes don't get as much media coverage as murders. True or false?


Is Boeing Planning a New 737 Jet?

Is Boeing Planning a New 737 JetBoeing is on track to start delivering the fourth generation of its workhorse 737 jet next year. However, of the three variants it has designed — the MAX 7, MAX 8, and MAX 9 — only the 737 MAX 8 has sold well thus far.


Demand for the smallest version has been particularly weak. Boeing has only secured 60 firm orders for the 737 MAX 7, out of a total of more than 3,000 across all three variants. 55 of those orders have come from just two airlines: Southwest Airlines and WestJet.

Southwest is one of only two major airlines to order the 737 MAX 7. Image source: The Motley Fool.

As a result, Boeing may shelve the 737 MAX 7 and instead develop a somewhat larger plane for the bottom of its 737 lineup (tentatively dubbed the 737 MAX 7X), according to The Wall Street Journal. Let’s take a look at how Boeing may try to pull this off — and its odds for success.

A simple shrink
Boeing has already started production of the 737 MAX 8, and it began flight testing in late January. Boeing’s idea for the 737 MAX 7X is to do a simple “shrink” of the 737 MAX 8. The new variant would have about 150 seats in a two-class configuration, compared to 162 seats for the 737 MAX 8.

The main advantage of a simple shrink design is that it minimizes development costs relative to optimizing different variants. A second advantage is that the 737 MAX 7X would probably have more range than the 737 MAX 8’s 3,515 nautical miles (and significantly more than the 737 MAX 7’s expected range of 3,350 nautical miles).

The downside is that a shrink design will always lead to excess weight. That means the shrink aircraft will be less fuel efficient than an optimized plane of the same size.

Boeing may develop a new plane by shrinking the 737 MAX 8 by a few rows. Image source: Boeing.

However, in this case, the fuel efficiency penalty should be offset by the fact that the 737 MAX 7X would be several rows longer than the 737 MAX 7. (Larger aircraft within a given family are generally more fuel efficient.)

A good fit for many airlines
The hypothetical 737 MAX 7X would be a lot more appealing to many airlines than the 737 MAX 7. Most airlines outfit the 737-700 (which is the same size as the 737 MAX 7) with 120 to 130 seats. For example, WestJet fits 130 seats on its 737-700s.

Adding a few rows to get the seat count up to 140 or 150 makes sense because most countries require one flight attendant for every 50 seats. Thus, the only major cost difference between operating the 737 MAX 7 and the 737 MAX 7X (on a per-trip basis) would be fuel. The extra seats should generate more than enough incremental revenue to cover that cost.

Getting Southwest on board is the key
However, the 737 MAX 7X isn’t as good a fit for Southwest Airlines. Southwest already has 143 seats on its 737-700s, because it utilizes a single-class configuration. The 737 MAX 7X would naturally have more than 150 seats in Southwest’s typical configuration. This would force it to add a fourth flight attendant, driving up operating costs.

On Southwest Airlines’ recent earnings call, Chief Operating Officer Mike Van de Ven stated that he had heard rumors about the potential new model and that Southwest would consider it if approached by Boeing. However, that was hardly a ringing endorsement. Indeed, it’s hard to see how the 737 MAX 7X would fit within Southwest’s route network.

The 737-700 is useful for smaller markets, for routes where Southwest wants to offer frequent flights to attract business travelers, and for airports with short runways. The 737 MAX 7 would perform the same function. The 737 MAX 7X concept wouldn’t help much for these missions. Its trip costs might not be much lower than those of the 737 MAX 8 without the savings from having one less flight attendant.

Southwest Airlines already has firm orders for the 737 MAX 7, albeit only 30 of them. Thus, Boeing needs to find a solution that will be acceptable to this key customer. One possibility is that it will overcome Southwest’s concerns by offering a bigger discount.

Boeing could also potentially entice Southwest to convert all of its 737 MAX orders to the larger MAX 8 variant. Southwest’s 737-700s are only 11 years old on average; with this existing fleet, it should be able to meet its needs for smaller aircraft for another 15 years or more. By then, Southwest’s needs could be different, while Boeing could have new products available.

However, another possibility is that Boeing will stick with the existing 737 MAX 7 design. True, it’s not quite as efficient as competing aircraft that were designed with the 110-130 seat market in mind. Nevertheless, the 737 MAX 7 is still a useful product for airlines that have large 737 fleets and want to carefully match capacity to demand in smaller markets.

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Can You Identify These 7 Airline Jets?

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an airline pilot? Let’s see if you know your jets first…


1) You're flying a Boeing 787. What jet are you climbing into?1


2) This one looks a little bit like the space shuttle. What cockpit are you getting into?



3) You look up and see a Boeing 747 overhead. Which one is the 747?



4) You enter a time warp, and you look out the window at the ramp. This is a:


5) How many cockpit windows does the Boeing 777 have?


6) Close-up time. This is a:


7) You're waiting for your paperwork at the gate before you fly this jet. What is it?


Boeing Dreamliner install self-tint windows

Goodbye blinds! The interactive plane windows that SELF-TINT, display the flight path and communicate with cabin crew

  • French company Vision Systems has created self-tinting window for planes
  • The solar-powered technology is different from those used on Dreamliners
  • It can be controlled by light, temperature and even the position of the sun  

The Boeing Dreamliner has windows that tint with a touch of a button – but plane windows are about to get even fancier.

French aerospace firm Vision Systems is working on a plane window concept with ‘active vision’.

The idea is that the window tints automatically and also becomes a mini interactive screen that can show the plane’s flight path and be used to communicate with airline staff.

French company Vision Systems is creating self-tinting window for planes that will darken within seconds

The new technology is similar to the current design used by Dreamliners, which is produced by Gentex

The new technology is similar to the current design used by Dreamliners, which is produced by Gentex

A representative from Vision Systems confirmed with MailOnline Travel that the technology for self-tinting windows already exists.

The system, which is named Nuance by the company, can be fully automated using parameters such as light, temperature and even the position of the sun to control the opacity of a window.

It’s an upgrade on previous systems, which required users to push a button.

The tinting technology on Dreamliners is currently being produced by Gentex.

It involves having a electrochromic panel that’s installed between a dust cover and the cabin’s regular windows.

The panel is coated with a special gel that becomes opaque when electricity is applied to it.

By pressing a button, users can vary the amount of electricity applied to the gel, which in turn changes the opacity of the panel, effectively eliminating the need for blinds.

Vision Systems’ technology is very similar but with some key differences.

The technology is solar-powered and offers UV protection, but could have interactive features in the future

The technology is solar-powered and offers UV protection, but could have interactive features in the future

Nuance is based on Suspended Particle Device (SPD) technology, which operates in the same way as the electrochromic panels except the film goes opaque when electricity is not applied to it.

The specification reveals that the transition between light to dark is just a matter of seconds, compared to several minutes in the electrochromic system.

It also offers 99 per cent UV protection when the windows are darkened.

It works via a device that will automatically alter the amount of electricity being pumped through the window depending on the amount of sunlight hitting it or variables such as temperature.

The company is also offering the same technology for yachting and motoring industries.

However, the interactive features, reported by Wired, including maps and flight paths, is still a work in progress but ‘not impossible’.

Australian Swimmer Grant Hackett Makes Splash In Mid-Air ‘Nipple’ Drama

swimmer midair nipple dramaBy – UPDATE: It was reported on Monday evening Grant Hackett had phoned his alleged victim to apologise for his actions on a flight from Adelaide to Melbourne. The 35-year-old has pledged to donate a sum of money to a charity of the man’s choice.


An “embarrassed” Grant Hackett has apologised for his behaviour on the domestic flight, during which he was alleged to have abused a fellow passenger.

“I seriously and genuinely regret my poor behaviour,” he said in a statement.

“I have stuffed up more than once and am working on these issues.

“It is embarrassing to hear and read the consequences of my actions. I apologise unreservedly to the gentleman on the flight. I am trying to make direct contact with him personally.

“I know I have to front the media and discuss my actions in a more appropriate and accountable way.

“I just have to sort a few things first so I can be as frank and open as I need to be. I apologise for the inconvenience.”

7 News showed vision — filmed by another passenger — of Collingwood chief executive Gary Pert helping Hackett off the flight.


A PASSENGER on Hackett’s flight has defended the fallen star on radio on Monday afternoon.

Identified only as “Steve”, he claims he was sitting one row in front of Hackett on the other side of the aisle (next to Aussie tennis player Sam Groth), and was adamant the three-time Olympic gold medallist had done nothing wrong.

“Nothing really happened, that was the frustrating part I think,” he said on Kiis FM’s Hughesy and Kate.

“I didn’t see any of that (the alleged assault). I must have been on a different flight, that didn’t happen.

“I saw nothing. There was nothing happening — that’s the whole thing.”

Co-host Dave Hughes challenged Steve’s assertion that Hackett was completely blameless in the matter, reverencing the fact the alleged victim of Hackett’s actions has come forward and unequivocally stated that the swimmer “tweaked my nipple”.

“No, you can’t say, ‘Definitely not’ because he’s said it mate,” said Hughes.

Steve said the alleged victim and his partner were drinking white wine while watching 80s sitcom The Golden Girls.


FORMER swim star Grant Hackett is alleged to have “forcefully” groped a passenger and “tweaked” his nipple on an interstate flight after a dispute over a seat being reclined too far.

Hackett, 35, is in hiding on the Gold Coast after the incident yesterday that has plunged him into a fresh new controversy.

A passenger on the Virgin Australia flight from Adelaide to Melbourne told The Daily Telegraph the two-time Olympic gold medallist grabbed his chair and yanked it forwards after the passenger reclined it.

“Then he put his hand through and groped my chest and tweaked my nipple quite forcefully,” the shocked passenger said.

Hackett allegedly stroked his arm and said “it’s OK, it’s all right” but the passenger said he felt unsafe and violated.

One source called the incident “nasty” and claimed Hackett got out of his seat and threatened the passenger: “He was out of control.”

However, the passenger said he came forward to stop rumours starting about what happened. He denied the incident was nasty but said the incident had troubled him enough to make him worry about flying again.

A man reported to be Grant Hackett slumped in a wheelchair. Picture: Channel 7

A man reported to be Grant Hackett slumped in a wheelchair. Picture: Channel 7Source:Supplied


AFL club Collingwood’s chief executive Gary Pert helped assist Hackett off the plane and walked him to a seat inside the airport terminal. Pert told the Herald Sun he saw Hackett on the plane tap the passenger in front of him and ask if he could put his seat up.

A flight attendant then asked Hackett to keep his hands to himself.

“I’ve heard all sort of bizarre versions of actually what occurred on the plane and a lot of it is completely blown out of all proportion,“ Pert told Triple M’s Hot Breakfast on Monday morning.

“Clearly Grant was having some issues on the flight. I’m sure he might have had a drink before he got on the flight.

“But he was sitting there quietly in his seat, wasn’t aggressive, wasn’t looking at causing any trouble. In fact a majority of the flight he was passed out asleep.

“I certainly didn’t see any (aggressive behaviour) during the flight. One of the passengers in front of him put their seat back and Grant appeared just to reach forward and touch him on the back because he wasn’t happy about the seat coming back. That was about the extent of it.

“I can’t talk on behalf of how the other passenger felt about that, but certainly there was no assault or major altercation.”

Seven News last night showed an image of what purported to show Hackett slumped in a wheelchair after the flight while police officers watched nearby.

“When the flight landed I could see that it would be pretty impossible for him to walk off the flight so I just advised the attendants that I knew Grant and knew that he needed some support so I helped him walk off the flight and when I got into the terminal and that’s when the Federal Police — obviously they’d been notified — they rolled up and said they’d take things from there,” Pert said.

In a statement yesterday, the Australian Federal Police confirmed a 35-year-old man was spoken to at Melbourne Airport. No charges were laid but inquiries were continuing.

The 2014 Crown Casino incident where Hackett used a singlet as shorts as he wandered around the foyer.

The 2014 Crown Casino incident where Hackett used a singlet as shorts as he wandered around the


Former AFL bad boy Brendan Fevola, a human headline in his playing days, said he could understand what Hackett was going through.

“He would be pretty depressed at the moment,” Fevola said on 101.9 Fox FM’s Fifi and Dave.

“When I’ve been in trouble before and then it comes out in the paper, you just lock yourself in the house. The phone rings, there’s cameramen outside your house and taking photos and you do think, ‘What have I done?’

“And at the end of the day it all comes down to alcohol.

Fevola added that he was offered to do the exact speaking engagement Hackett was in Adelaide for, but turned it down.

“I do feel a bit sorry for Grant … because he was speaking at the Adelaide-Sydney function for the Adelaide Crows and about a month ago they asked me to do it and I declined because I was playing footy.

“I get blamed for everything else so I’ll take the blame,” he joked.


The latest controversy comes after Hackett spent time in a US rehab clinic where he was treated for a sleeping pill addiction. He claimed he had lost his four-year-old son.

Photos of the incident showed Hackett looking lost with a singlet wrapped around his waist as a pair of shorts.

Before that there were two other high profile controversies. In 2011 he trashed the Melbourne apartment he shared with then wife Candice Alley, who was home with their twin sons.

As many as eight police cars were called to the luxury apartment after a distressed 000 was made to police.

Pictures emerged of the damage caused in the apartment — which included some of the items his wife most cherished like her piano, a dresser and framed photographs.

A bedroom door was also destroyed, as were some of the children’s’ toys were trashed.

The couple later said they were dealing with some “private issues”.

Months later he had an alcohol-fuelled night at Crown Casino during — and after — the Logie Awards in April 2012, where he was asked to leave a Channel 9 party and fell asleep in a stairwell.

At about 3am and the Olympian was approached by bouncers at a nightclub in the casino complex and told he should “call it a night”. Hackett is said to have fully co-operated with staff and promptly left, without an escort.

The following morning Channel 9’s Today aired footage of a sweaty Hackett at the party struggling to form a sentence. When asked by a reporter for his favourite song, Hackett stumbles: “I don’t know my favourite song ‘cos there’s are so many favourite songs. ‘Cos if I could name one I would.”

The following month he and Alley split and he was dumped from his ambassador role at the Alannah and Madeline Foundation which aims to protect children from violence.