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Do Airplane fly over North Korea?

Yes. North Korea is a member state of ICAO and is fully compliant with ICAO policies regarding overflights. I know it seems odd, considering everything North Korea has been up to lately, but it’s true. I have dealt with North Korean air traffic officials in the course of my work, and they were actually easy to work with… probably has something to do with the fact that a country can charge fees for overflights. The USA actually makes a fair amount of money with the overflight fees for the huge chunks of airspace “owned” by U.S. air traffic control.

However, not too many airliners actually do overfly in NK airspace because the airspace is small and in an “out of the way” part of the world. In addition, some countries advise their flag airlines to avoid the airspace for safety reasons. Considering the number of unannounced missile launches lately, that’s not a bad idea.

EDIT: I was just reminded that some airlines (countries) also avoid North Korean airspace so they don’t have to pay overflight fees, as mentioned above. This is one way of complying with the economic sanctions against NK and further “rubbing their noses” in it.

For exp: Yes , commercial flights fly over North Korean airspace in order to reach Pyongyang.
However , I further checked north Korean airspace using a website which provides real time info about flights equipped with ADS-B ( have no idea what it means :p , but about 60% of passenger flights have this system built in according to website )
Website link : WWW.flightradar24.com
And found this .