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Don’t be naughty in that potty: Flight Attendant Keeps it Gay in Fabulous Safety Speech

It seems like airlines are becoming more creative with their pre-flight safety speeches these days — remember these examples from Virgin America and Southwest?

Passengers on another recent Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to San Francisco were treated to a hilarious four-minute safety spiel from a delightfully flamboyant flight attendant. Some of the highlights:

“Do not be naughty in that potty… Folks, it’s $2200 for tampering with a smoke detector in the lavatory. And you know if you had $2200 you’d be [flying] first class.”

“Now, the ladies and I certainly wouldn’t have shown up for work tonight if we had an anticipated a decompression. But in the event of a decompression, four saffron yellow buttercup masks designed by Gucci and Martha Stewart, well they’re going to drop from that compartment overhead. And to start the flow of oxygen, you have to first stop screaming.”

YouTube user David London posted video of the speech online, writing that it set the tone for the “most fun flight [he] ever took.” Check it out after the break. Have you ever had a flight attendant who was this fabulously gay?