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Flight Attendant Is Not Forever – You’ll Know When It’s Time To Move On

Flight Attendant Is Not Forever – You’ll Know When It’s Time To Move On

For over 6 years I’ve had a lifestyle a lot of us dream off. I’ve flown all around the world, met up with people from different walks of life, seen new cultures, ate exotic foods like locals, worked with colleagues from many nations, woke up in a 5-star hotel in a new country and chased the seasons in different parts of the globe.

I’m very blessed and forever thankful for the lifetime experience of being a flight attendant. Most importantly for making friends who became my family and stood by me through my ups and downs.

Why Being A Flight Attendant Is Not Forever

It’s been a beautiful and crazy ride. I may have missed special occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s, wedding of my childhood friends or birthdays of my loved ones. It was hard but I am always focusing on the brighter side.

My desire was to travel even if it meant to travel alone with my back pack or trolley. I have seen sunsets and sunrises whether it was me alone, with friends, or with someone I love.

However, the truth hit me and it was clear that being a flight attendant is not forever. It’s time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life. I need to grow to become my best self, find my next passion and do what will make me happy for years to come.

What I want now is to have a normal life again, being on the ground and waking up in the same zip code every day.

I’ll let my wings take me to a new life; a new freedom.

I don’t know what lies ahead. But one thing I know is it’s all worth trying. Life doesn’t end here; the world is so huge with limitless possibilities.

It’s always scary to leave my comfort zone and brave the great unknown yet exciting believing that anything can happen.

I’m following my dreams and I believe they do come true. I know that with full certainty since I already had one dream come true.🙂


This article was first published on Cates.com.au by Phoebecates who used to work for an airline in the Middle East and currently lives in Australia.