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What Was Your Scariest Travel Experience?

travel expThis X-Ray is of my right hand showing the four remaining fingers; I began the trip with all five and was lucky to keep any. I’ve typed this, just as I have ever since, with just my left hand.

If you don’t take well to graphic imagery (of physical trauma) then be leery of proceeding. I’ll save them until the end though if you’d like to hear a wild story of me in Mexico.

I was sixteen and my family was holding a reunion in Puerto Penasco Mexico. Once the US economy took a large fall in 2008, so too did this up-and-coming tourist destination.

Almost every one of these resorts is seemingly abandoned, with the exception of maybe a guard or two. It was 2010 and renting massive beach-front properties is extremely cheap; perfect for a large reunion.

The day before our departure home, we decided to go off-roading as we had done just days prior. I grew up riding dirt bikes and was a skilled rider. This time however, my cousin and I, both 16 years old, opted for a Rhino (below).

He jumps into the driver’s seat first and we cut down the dirt road towards the hills shown earlier. Pulling off the dirt road, he begins to turn the wheel left attempting to spin a doughnut. Traveling far too fast, the vehicle immediately launches off the ground and rolls to the right, (my) passenger side. Instinctively I grab the top bar with my right hand to brace myself.

I wake up dazed, suspended 90 degrees sideways and a foot off the ground, still strapped into the seat. Lifting my right hand, palm towards me, I see nothing but my thumb. Everything above mid-palm just wasn’t there. I turn my hand around to find my four fingers hanging down, pointing towards my elbow down the back of my arm. Nothing keeps them there but thin flaps of skin and stark white tendons. They’re certain to fall off at any moment. I feel nothing.

I am positive that I will bleed out here in this desert. I run in no particular direction screaming, with my fingers flapping around against the back of my wrist. Pulled to a stop, my cousin wraps my hand in his shirt. My two brothers fly into the scene on their vehicle. While the youngest jumps out and begins yelling for help, my elder brother jumps into response mode, puts me in his vehicle and speeds towards the “resorts”.

Each resort passes by empty as he SCREAMS, “ambulencia!” Alas, a guard waves us in and I wait. Desperately and unsuccessfully trying to pass out for 45 minutes I squeeze my hand between my knees feeling the bones and knuckles in a chaotic scatter.

A family friend owns medical evacuation jets and graciously left us one on stand-by all week, incase my grandfather got sick. I would have lost everything if it weren’t for this.

I am grateful. I am grateful I awoke with three fingers back in place with slight mobility. I am grateful for my thumb. I am grateful that I am alive and that I have my family. I am grateful it happened to me and not my cousin who now has an admirable football career. I am grateful for the perspective it gives me and the empathy for others that it provides.

Work done to preserve my hand:

  • Index finger removed after it had done a full rotation and was partially de-gloved (skin rolled half way off).
  • Muscle graft from my thigh to my hand.
  • Skin graft from my right forearm to my hand.
  • Vein graft from right forearm to hand.
  • Bone graft from left hip to hand.
  • General surgical wizardry.


Check it out:

Couple weeks past (above). You can see where they took the skin and vein here.

Raaawwwrrr. I hope it’s not against Quora policy, but it’s my hand! Couple weeks past again. The skin from my forearm is covering the muscle from my leg there in that brain-looking blob.

About a year out and very similar to today. I hope I didn’t gross you out too much. Please, if you or someone you know has recently experienced something similar and wants to chat don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay safe everybody.

-by Lucas Howard


I dunno if I’d call it scary after the fact, more enlightening, but I drowned when I was about 10 years old. Never shared this story on Reddit, and I’ve maybe told a small handful of people, but it’s what sort of cemented my beliefs on the afterlife, humans, astral projection, ect.

I was living at Helendale, CA, (Also known as Silver Lakes) at the time, which is known for it’s two big man-made lakes surrounding the city. These lakes, had little buoys to separate the swimming areas from the actually fishing parts of the lake, the “Deep end” from the shallow, and to top it off, had no hired supervision, no life guards, nothing.

This is the lake, and that little square dock floating out in the “deep end” was where all the BIG KIDS played “King of the Hill” or just hung around.

Now if you aren’t bored yet with all the story-building and setting the environment for you, here’s the actual story;

I wasn’t allowed on that floating dock, I wanted to just sit on the damn thing, and my mom would never let me go past the “Deep End” buoys, so the day my mom decided she’d let one of her… less responsible (Bad alcoholic) friends take me to the lake and watch me, I knew it was time to act.

We get there, and Gretchen (Mom’s Wino friend) already needs to go to the little market down the road to get something to drink (I wonder what.) and tells me to be careful and to not go into the deep end while she’s gone. Guess who booked it for the deep end when she left?

So there I was, full of excitement and energy making my way to the dock hoping I will finally achieve my goal, and what happens? The moment I go under the “Deep End” buoys and make it half way to the dock, my legs and arms get ice cold, sore, and lock up out of nowhere, and panic sets in.

At this point I’m now thrashing my arms as best as I can to just surface and get air all while screaming help as best as I can while spitting out this nasty lake water filling my mouth with every submerge. You ever get onto a roller coaster and then panic sets in and you regret it immediately the moment the arm bars come down, locking you in? Think that feeling, but intensely multiplied by a fraction only comparable to the irrational fear of a Cat cornered by a Hoover.

With each surfacing, gasping for air and crying for help, my limb strength diminished, and the sinking got longer and deeper. Eventually I just remember this cold and painful feeling in my chest and just blacking out as I watched the sun above the water get darker and darker.

Then what seemed immediately I saw this bright flash, and I was standing on the beach (Or water’s end, whatever you wanna call it at a lake) feeling what I could only recall “aloofness”, as in I was just woken up and was just sorta… there.

When I looked around I saw this huge mob of people surrounding something on the beach and just felt driven to see what would cause so many people to crowd around. As I made my way through the crowd of people I recall none of the people being different in any way (Just normal looking average people), and moving through the crowd I remember not touching anyone, as if they made room for me instinctually, but paying me no attention either.

When I finally got to the middle I saw it; it was me, and some girl kneeling over me putting her hands on my chest, and when I saw her push down I felt this burning heat in my chest, a bright flash of white in my eyes, and started coughing. When the light dissipated, and I could see, the girl was above me, and looking down asking if I could breathe.

I looked around and it was just us, me and the girl. She said she was sitting on her dock outside and saw me down the lake screaming for help so she swam as fast as she could. Apparently she grabbed me, put me on her shoulders/back, dragged me to the sand and started CPR immediately. It was about this time that Gretchen was conveniently returning, and made sure to take me to the store on the way home to buy me my favorite candy and soda to avoid telling mom about my “Accident”

To this day, I still don’t understand what to make of it, who the people were, and what happened in between, but it’s definitely shaped my beliefs on the afterlife and what exactly humans are outside these flesh vessels.

On a unrelated note/coincidence, the girl was actually my best friend’s sister, whom I had the longest crush on (She was like 16 at the time, I had a thing for older women apparently), so that definitely added to making it more memorable. I think for a solid month (At least) I reminded him every day that his sister “kissed” me.

-by Slanderson77