Top 6 Misconceptions about Airline Consolidators

Top 6 Misconceptions about Airline Consolidators

Airline Consolidators:  Misconceptions

Guidelines for buying consolidator tickets:

When you’re shopping for airfare deals, always start with the airlines’ advertised “sale” fares. Consolidators often can’t do any better — or even as well.

But at least look for a consolidator ticket, especially if you think the best published fare you can find is overly high — or if you need to leave right away, or stay longer than 30 days, or such.

Always ask (or find out) about exactly what sort of “discount” an agency is offering you before you buy. Be especially careful to check the conditions attached to the ticket.

Accept a consolidator deal only if it’s significantly cheaper than the next alternative: Except for price, it’s almost always a less attractive proposition than a published-fare price alternative.

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