July 11, 2020

Travel Coast-to-Coast by Train and See America’s Greatest Sites For Just Over $200

By Itai Buenahora

When it comes to travel, it can be one of the more rewarding and liberating experiences. It’s a time of learning and self-growth, absorbing the wondrous depths that planet Earth has to offer, beyond our everyday surroundings. Finding the time to set yourself free from life’s responsibilities can be tricky, however, if you are granted the opportunity and time, it can be one of the more special decisions you will come to make. Now, you can travel across America for just over $200 in this coast-to-coast experience by train in only 4 days (without stopovers), and get to witness some of the greatest sights that America has to offer.

If you’re worried about the tedious task of beginning to plan, travel blogger Derek Low has taken the initiative to work out the details of a cost-friendly transcontinental U.S. train adventure, that will cost you just over $200.

Running from San Francisco to New York, a 3,397-mile journey awaits you that passes through 11 states. Although the cost only covers regular coach seating for the whole trip, you can get meals and drinks from the onboard cafe. You can kick back, and absorb the scenic trip, crossing off famous landmarks and views that are renowned worldwide.

By avoiding breaking the bank, this trip will take you through most of the continental United States, in the trip of a lifetime that would otherwise cost you not only more money but more time. As for how you can get started on this phenomenal deal, Low lays out the details.

To find out more about how you can get this deal and book this phenomenal trip to America,

Starting from San Francisco to Chicago, it will only cost you $130 if purchased through California Zephyr tickets. You can extend your trip by transferring to the Lake Shore Limited train for only an additional $83, bringing your total to only a shocking $213.

travel america for $200

If you’re interested in heading to one of the most popular and visited cities in the world, the Lake Shore Limited transfer will sweep you through the Midwest and Pennsylvania, with a grand stop in the heart of Manhattan, through Penn Station. Along your way to the Big Apple, you’ll witness views of Lake Michigan, and pass through the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York, giving you a glimpse of 11 wonderful lakes.

At your own leisure, you can also take detours and stop along the way for some great sights in Cleveland and Boston. The option of upgrading is also available to you, with a Business Class access that will give you access to extra goodies, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, access to lounges, and your own dedicated car seating.

Furthermore, if you still aren’t yet intrigued by this opportunity and are dreading the planning aspect, Low will even entirely book your trip for you for the low cost of $49, saving you the time and the headache. For more details, visit Derek Low’s website at dereklow.co. Whether you’ve traveled before, or never at all, this is an opportunity that encapsulates the wonders of America and will leave you with stories for a lifetime.  From glorious skylines to marvelous bodies of water, this is a fantastic life experience that awaits you.