Watch: Southwest Airline Passenger threatens to ‘kill everybody on this plane’

A woman was caught smoking on a flight from Portland to Sacramento on Saturday resulting in an in-flight freak-out and threats to “kill everyone on this plane” when she was escorted to law enforcement upon landing, Southwest Airlines confirmed.woman-threatens-to-kill-everyone-on-plane-12102017“We can confirm that a passenger was smoking in the during the flight,” A Southwest Airlines spokesperson said in a statement. “Our crew requested law enforcement meet the flight and they took over from there. Safety is always our top priority. We do not have additional comment.”

A passenger told KOIN 6 News the person was removed from the plane’s bathroom when people learned she was smoking. The witness then said the person removed an oxygen mask as she got “more uncontrollable.” Southwest Airlines did not confirm those details.

You can watch the video of the woman threatening to kill everyone on the plane in the video above.

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