August 7, 2020

Airbus aims to inspire with Bird of Prey concept aircraft

Airbus is working to inspire the latest in flight innovation – and using a “bird of prey” conceptual design to do so. 

The company premiered the design in the U.K. at the Royal International Air Tattoo air show last week: “A hybrid-electric, turbo-propeller aircraft for regional air transportation,” according to a press release. Its wings and tail structure were designed to copy that of a bird of prey because of birds’ “efficient mechanics.”

bird of prey

This concept is just that – a concept. The “bird of prey” is meant to give insight into what a regional aircraft might look like in the future. It has components like “a blended wing-to-fuselage joint” meant to reflect the arch of an eagle or falcon.

The ‘#BirdOfPrey’ is taking wing! This sleek new concept takes inspiration from eagles to create a hybrid-electric design with individually controlled feathered wings. We’re always looking for pioneering new ideas – what would your aircraft be inspired by? (link:

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