August 7, 2020

Man dragged off flight after refusing to switch seat

A disruptive passenger had to be handcuffed to a wheelchair and removed from an American Airlines flight because he was unhappy with his seat. 

The passenger, named Peter, was angry after he was assigned a seat in Row 36, another passenger, John Gilbert told WFAA

The elderly male then moved up right behind First Class and sat in a window seat. He later refused to move when the passenger who was allocated the seat tried to sit in it.  

Gilbert recorded footage of the incident which shows the passenger shouting obscenities at a flight attendant as he tells them he won’t move from his seat. 

‘Don’t force me. Don’t violate my freedom. That’s my seat. You don’t like it. Switch it and I’ll stay on the plane and I’ll go,’ he is heard saying in the video.  

‘Alright, I’m going to shut up and I’m going to be in that seat. I don’t give a f**k about it.

The AA2460 flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Los Angeles International Airport was delayed by around 45 minutes, WFAA reported. 

Around four police officers then arrived at the gate and waited to get on the plane to remove him.

Gilbert then recorded video of officers removing him as he was seated on a wheelchair and handcuffed to it.

He is seen trying to get out of the chair and scuffles with the officers who try to restrain him as he refuses to cooperate.   

It is not clear whether authorities filed any charges against him. The incident comes just days after a furious woman left passengers on a flight in shock when she smashed a laptop over her boyfriend’s head, after accusing him of ‘looking at another woman’.

A video posted to social media which has since gone viral shows the argument escalating, with the woman shouting abuse at her boyfriend, known as Memo.

The dispute culminates in the angry woman chasing her boyfriend down the aisle of the American Airlines flight set to depart from Miami to Los Angeles with a laptop, smashing him over the head with it.Read more: